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Levent Er a.k.a Dj Premium One
Founder Pro CLubbiN’ Records
Style; Techno, Tech Techno, Tech House…

- Was born in istanbul - Turkey. He was start to listen music with his
father's vinyls which collected
from around the world. When first school degree he was start play
mandolin and learn notes.
During High school he was singing with chorus and always inside
of music.
- Start to spinn local clubs at 1996.
Lots of events he have been and also big events was like Electro
Youth Fest istanbul (2007).
- He worked with Manuel Le Soux, Guiseppettoviani, Andrew Bennett
at big event Electro Youth Fest 2007 istanbul and he had lots of
positive feedbacks from around the world.

-He was at WMC 2008 Miami (March) and he did two gigs.
This was a good international experience for Dj Premium One
by Open Bar Music. Working with,
***''Ivan Robles - Selektor Music (Puerto Rico)
Mikey Gallagher - Shanghai Sessions (China, UK)
Craig Mitchell - Slanted Black (NYC)
Blackliquid - Blackliquid Music (LA)
Johnny House-in - Open Bar Music, Cinema (Colombia)
Neil Carr, Matt Sims, Dave Jemison (SSRadioUK)
Marco Petralia - Open Bar Music (Germany)
DJ Premium One - Open Bar Music (Turkey)
A & R Reps and Executives in Attendance
Groove Junkies - MoreHouse Records
Thompsonic's Keith Thompson - Break 4 Love
:: Baldeelox Records - Darren Holland
Azucar Digital - Carlos Ortiz :: Ospina Digital - Davidson Ospina
Open Bar Music, Media Services NYC - Oscar P
The Joint Entertainment- Jessica Bendig
:: Transitori Recordings - Benji Candelario''***

He was at Miami by Dirty Retro Presents WMC 2009 in
association with Play Records.
This was Official Event Wednesday Mar 25th 2009 at 5:00PM.
Talent was Larry Tee(NYC), Dirty Retro DJs(Will Burns London UK),
MelleFresh(Playrecords), Spider Brown (PlayRecords), Eric Sharp
(RockitScience Records San Francisco), DJ Major, Danny Stern,
DJ Irv, Dj Premium One (istanbul ProCLubbinFm). Venue name was
Provocateur WMC 2009 Official event.

WMC 2010 Adidas in-shop show case by Baldeelox UK,
Dirty Retro Djs UK La FLora Hotel South Beach,Miami,FL.
- Dirty Retro Djs-
Premium one, La Fleur, Cyber Sutra, Dirty Retro, Fr3qnast3 (VJ Set)
Night Riders, Pete Bones,Jeff Curtis.

- Premium One performed at WMC Miami 2014. There was two gigs.
24th March 2014 BPM Recordz Canada event Chesterfield Hotel 665 Collins Ave South Beach Miami.
26th March 2014 Friendz & Cutz 855 Washington Ave South Beach Miami.

- In many of years he is intresting made productions and start to learn softwares.
As producer he has many international releases on many famous electronic
music labels just like
Open Bar Music NY, Andromeda Recordings Chicago, Bit Records Mexico, Baroque Records UK
Babylon Records UK, Bosphorus Recordings istanbul, MNA Records Belgium, Santos Records Argentina,
Kansak Recordings, Suma Recordings Germany, Istanbul Records Turkey, Pro Clubbin’ Records Turkey.
- Also he is working on remixes to other producers as Oscar P, Cristian Paduraru,
Ariel Curtis, Ugur Yurt, Paco Buggin, Andrez, Ali Inzel (R.i.P), Pleasure Sound,
Nicolas Rocchia, Huseyin Karadayi, Mariano Santos, Coskun Yorulmaz...
- He has Radio shows around the world. ProCLubbin' SessioN is the name of DJ Premium One's
Deep, Tech & Techno Radio show.


-Dj Premium One - Volatile Relation (Original Mix)
-Dj Premium One - Fusion Eternity (Original Mix)
-Dj Premium One - Somewhere in Downtown (Original Mix)
-Dj Premium One - Reactivated Minds (Original Mix)Open Bar Music NY 24-08-2007
-Dj Premium One - Subterfuge (Original Mix),(Radio Edit),
-Dj Premium One - Enormous Mixtopia (Original Mix),(Radio Edit)
-Dj Premium One - Subterfuge (Dirty Drums Remix)Andreomeda Recordings 05-09-2007
-Cristian Paduraru - The Power Of Revival (Dj Premium One Remix) DjFriendlyRecords 09-09-2007
-Dj Premium One -Difference Of Senses (OriginalMix),(Deep Tech mix)
-Dj Premium One - Esence Of Esteem (OriginalMix),(Proggy mix) Bit Records Mexico 19-12-2007
-Oscar P Feat Ama-You Are My House(Dj Premium One Remix) Open Bar Music NY released 28-12-2007
....This track is also in Ibiza Vol5 vorious album.
-Dj Premium One - Hikikomer i(OriginalMix) Bosphorus Recordings,Bosphorus Underground Various Vol 1 15-01-2008
-Ariel Curtis - Every Body Wants To Be Madonna (Dj Premium One Remix) Bit Records Mexico May 2008
-Ugur Yurt - Prohibition( Dj Premium One Remix)MNA Records Belgium Şubat 2009
-Paco Buggin & Dj Antares - Dustbowl(Dj Premium One Remix) Bit Records Mexico 09-02-2009
-Dj Premium One - Keep Walking(Original Mix)Andromeda Recordings 23-03-2009
-(Levent Erís Tech Mix)(Mariano Santos Remix)(Nicolas Rocchia Remix)
(Ali Inzel Remix(RiP Ali))(Philipp Carreires Remix)(Cj Peeton Remix)(Fusio's 1st Time Out Mix)(Fuze Dub Mix)
-Andrez - A Tale Of Two Fallen Angel (Dj Premium One Remix) Bit Records Mexico 06-04-2009
-Ali Inzel(RiP Ali) & Dubsinth - Blue World (Dj Premium One Remix)Seaburn Records 16-07-2009
-DjGoksel Vancin - Unity of Techno (Dj Premium One Remix) Dark Pleasure Records 20-08-2009
-Pleasure Sound - God Bless (Dj Premium One Remix) Jetlag Digital 21-08-2009
-Huseyin Karadayi feat Betul Demir - Geri Don (Premium One Remix) Suma Recordings Germany september 2009
-Dj Coslow - Insanity(Dj Premium One Remix)14 May 2010
-Dj Coslow - Jazzy Animal(Dj Premium One Remix) June 2010
-Serdar Ors - Non Meterial Life(Dj Premium One Remix)November 2010
-Levent Er aka Dj Premium One -Taksim To Bebek (Original Mix) Party in istanbul CD Vol.2 April 2011
-Burhan Sezer - Blue Electric (Dj Premium One Remix) Silvana Records April 1st 2011
-Dj Premium One - Committed To Visionary (Original Mix)
-Dj Premium One - Zaman Delen (Original Mix) Pro Clubbin Records 27 July 2011
-Olgac Aycan - Disconvenient (Dj Premium One Remix) Pro Clubbin Records 20 August 2011
-Cengiz Arslan - Energy (Dj Premium One Remix)Pro Clubbin Records 21 Aug 2011
-Dj Premium One - Love Dust (Original Mix) Pro Clubbin Records 20-10-2011
-Dj Premium One - Zero G( Original Mix) Pro Clubbin Records 20-10-2011
-Dj Premium One - Poison Republic (Original Mix) Pro Clubbin Records 11-11-2011
-Dj Premium One - Poison Republic (Levent Er Edit) Pro Clubbin Records 11-11-2011
-Dj premium One-Oertha(Original Mix) Pro Clubbin’ Records 20-01-2012
-Oertha also remixed by Aeriah, Mariano Santos, Olgac Aycan, Serdar Ors, Shadowfall 18 Feb 2012
-P Bird - Tribal Night (Dj Premium One Remix) PCR 27-Jan-2012
-Dj Premium One - Sensoji (Original Mix PCR 16 Feb 2012
-Burhan Sezer - Cherna Melodia (Dj Premium One Remix) PCR 24-Feb-2012
-Dj Premium One - Miami (Original Mix) PCR 09-mar-2012
-Burhan Sezer - Cherna Melodia (Dj Premium One Remix) Techno For Dj’s, Tantrum Logo 24.mar.2012
-Levent Er - Denklem (Original Mix) PCR 12.Oct.2012
-Olgac Aycan - Faralya Strip (Dj Premium One Remix) PCR 16.Nov.2012
-Alessandro Ciuti - Overdrive (Dj Premium One Remix) Goodbye 2012 Grooves Eastern Disco, 16.Dec.2012
-Serdar Ors - Non Meterial World (Dj Premium One Remix) Back Cataloque Eastern Disco 17.Feb.2013
-Levent Er - Cream (Original Mix) Babylon Records UK 11.Feb.2013
Levent Er - Cream (Original Mix) Baroque Digital 04.03.2013
-Levent Er - Chark (Original Mix) Baroque Records 29.04.2013
-Levent Er - Rainbow (Original Mix) PCR 20.09.2013
-Levent Er - Karma (Original Mix) PCR 20.09.2013
-Levent Er - Atla (Original Mix) Baroque ADE 2013 Album.
-Levent Er - Manevra (Original Mix) Pro Clubbin’ Records March 2014
-Levent Er - Sextant (Original Mix)
-Levent Er - Hypogeum (Original Mix)
-Levent Er - Otomatik (Original Mix) Kopanzy Records 12.06.2014
-Levent Er - Apple Haze (Original Mix) Istanbul Records 10.2014
-Levent Er - Kasegei (Original Mix) 10.03.2015 Pro Clubbin’ Records
-Levent Er - Nomex (Original Mix) Istanbul Records 03.04.2015
-Coskun Yorulmaz - Gdansk (Levent Er Remix) 02.22.2016 Elastic Dimension Records.
-Levent Er - Meridian (Original Mix) Pro Clubbin’ Records 17.03.2016
-Levent Er - Otamamen Bahane (Original Mix) Pro Clubbin’ Records 17.11.2016
-Levent Er - Long Day (Original Mix) Pro Clubbin’ Records 17.02.2017
-Levent Er - Soul of the Party (Original Mix) 08.09.2017
-Levent Er - Muamma (Original Mix) 15.09.2017
-Levent Er - Muamma (Dj Premium One Remix) 15.09.2017
-Marianıo Santos - Sofia (Levent Er Remix) September 2017 Santos Recordings Argentina

- Released tracks are available at major stores as BeatPort, itunes,apple music, Juno, Amazon, TraxSource, DjTunes, DjDownload, TrackitDown, Ministry Of Sound, etc...